Telehealth Platform Transforming the Health Ecosystem

Our story...

Where speed and health meet, Swedish Care Turkey is waiting for you! We are a team working to deliver healthcare services 24/7 with an uninterrupted, fast and high-quality experience by merging with DoktorNow, a telehealth platform that is transforming Turkey’s healthcare ecosystem.

Swedish Care Turkey, as a company driven by the spirit of innovation and pioneering, we set out to transform healthcare in Turkey and make it more accessible. To this end, Swedish Care and Tez Medikal, one of Turkey’s leading OHS companies, have come together.

We are not only providing healthcare services to our customers, but also redefining the healthcare experience.

Our DoktorNow platform offers a solution where our specialized doctors and other healthcare professionals are at your service 24/7, giving you more time and freedom beyond providing a fast and reliable healthcare service.

Swedish Care Turkey continues its journey with a team that aims to perfect your healthcare experience. We are with you at every moment, because your health is our top priority.