Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to DoktorNow’s most frequently asked questions.


What is the benefit of using the DoktorNow app?
With the DoktorNow App, you have direct and convenient access to a doctor, without spending time traveling to the doctor or in the waiting room.
What are the operating hours of the DoktorNow app?
Our service is available 24/7. At DoktorNow, we believe in offering our customers the best service, whenever they need it.
What does it cost to use DoktorNow?
The cost of our app is currently free for our corporate customers.

Scope / Specialties

What healthcare issues can I discuss on DoktorNow?

The services provided through our app include basic medical guidance on healthcare issues that can be managed by a family doctor. They cover cases of symptoms that do not require in-person consultation or hospitalization. If needed, our doctors may prescribe medication or referrals.

Here are some of the symptoms we can help you with:
– Cough
– Nausea and Vomiting
– Joint Pain
– Sore Throat
– Eye Problems
– Neck and Back Pain
– Itchy Skin
– Stomachache
– Urinary System Infections

Keep in mind that you need to seek physical care immediately if you have a lot of difficulty breathing, have a lot of bleeding that won’t go away, or have severe pain that started suddenly. In an emergency, seek immediate help by calling 112.

Can I use my own app to discuss a health problem of another person?

No, each individual user registration in the app is strictly personal. Users may contact the doctor only for personal issues.

Can I get a prescription? Can I get a prescription renewal?

Many prescriptions can be renewed through us.

Do you write referrals?

Yes. Based on the medical assessment of a doctor, a referral to another healthcare provider may be prescribed in some cases.

Our Operations

Do I need to make an appointment to see a doctor?
No, a scheduled appointment is not needed to talk to a DoktorNow doctor. Log into the app and start a chat. Then the first available doctor will reach out to you.
I had an appointment and now I want to talk to the same doctor again again. Can I do that?

Whenever you need a doctor, your request will be answered by the doctor on duty.

The doctor isn't answering immediately. What should I do?

During your chat with the doctor, there may be periods when the doctor is preparing your referral or is chatting with another patient at the same time. Don’t worry. Just go on with your other business and when the doctor sends you a message, the app will notify you, so you may enter and continue your chat.

Data and Privacy

Is my data safe when I use the DoktorNow app?
We have taken all the necessary measures to safeguard the data you share with us, in compliance with the legal requirements regarding the protection of sensitive data. We are KVKK certified.
Who has access to my medical journal?

Only the healthcare staff with whom you have contact regarding your case.

What do your General Terms and Conditions mean?

Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.


I have a complaint or a question about the app. Who do I contact?

If you have a complaint or a question about the app, you can contact us at