Akustik Dalga Terapisi (AWT)

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

“Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)” is a modern and effective treatment method in which acoustic sound waves are applied to specific areas of the body. This treatment is carried out by means of devices that generate acoustic waves. Several vibrations per second are produced rapidly, which stimulate tissue in targeted areas of the body. These sound waves activate the surface of the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, connective tissue in the treated area, circulatory system and muscles. With this treatment method, results such as combating sagging skin, cellulite treatment and regional thinning can be achieved.

Acoustic Wave Therapy offers a solution targeting full layer activation of tissues in the body. With this method, it is possible to achieve effects such as cellulite treatment, regional slimming, skin firmness increase and lymphatic activation. Acoustic Wave Therapy is applied to the areas of the body in need of repair with acoustic shock waves in the headgear.

Generally, women prefer Acoustic Wave Therapy to prevent cellulite formation or to remove the effects of existing cellulite. The application time is usually recommended as 30 minutes on average for each area and it is recommended to repeat the treatment 2 or 3 times a week.

Acoustic Wave Therapy can be applied to all areas of the body where localized fat deposits occur and the appearance of cellulite increases. However, the area to be treated and the duration of application should be determined under expert supervision. This treatment method is generally applied in the following areas:

Upper arms

The Results of Acoustic Wave Therapy Application can be:

Revitalization of the skin and a smoother surface
Slimming and firmer skin texture as a result of activation of regional fat stores
Tightening of connective tissues and shrinkage of fat cells under the skin, reduction of sagging
Visible reduction in cellulite affected areas

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a modern treatment method using acoustic sound waves. This method, which is preferred for purposes such as cellulite treatment, regional thinning and increasing skin firmness, has the potential to achieve positive results when applied under expert supervision.