Anal Perianal Siğilleri

Anal / Perianal Warts

Anal / Perianal Warts: What Are They, Why Do They Occur and How Are They Treated?

Anal and perianal warts are a skin problem caused by a special group of viruses. These warts, caused by the virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), multiply over time and form pink-colored and cauliflower-shaped clustered lesions.

Anal warts, like genital warts, are caused by HPV. These warts usually manifest themselves as cauliflower-like structures that become prominent in the anus. They may be accompanied by symptoms such as itching, bleeding, slimy discharge and a feeling of wetness in the anus.

Diagnostic Methods:

Anal or perianal warts usually appear as masses of different sizes in the perianal, pubic, vulva, vagina, penis and scrotum areas. Since most of these lesions can also occur in the anal canal, an examination method called anoscopy is usually used for diagnosis.

Treatment Methods:

There are various methods for the treatment of anal warts. Medication, surgical intervention (e.g. using an ultrasonic dissector) and laser therapy are often preferred. In addition to local treatments, it is also recommended to use appropriate immune-boosting therapies.

Various approaches such as cauterization, cryotherapy, surgical excision, infrared therapy and laser therapy are also used to treat anal warts. Treatment options are determined depending on the size and extent of the lesion and the patient’s condition.

Anal/perianal warts are skin lesions caused by the HPV virus. These warts are usually diagnosed by visual examination and anoscopy. Treatment options include medication, surgery and laser therapy.