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How is Open Nephrectomy Performed?

If both the donor and recipient have passed the necessary medical evaluations for a kidney transplant, kidney transplant surgery is performed. This surgery involves removing the kidney from the donor and transferring it to the recipient.

Operation Receiver

The recipient operation in kidney transplant surgery is performed in a similar way today as it was 60 years ago. The kidney is placed in the right or left groin of the recipient. Sometimes, when pancreas transplantation is also considered, the right groin is reserved for the pancreas in patients with kidney failure, while the kidney is placed in the left groin.

In other patient groups, the right groin is usually the first choice. An incision about 15-20 cm long is made in the right groin area in the shape of the letter ‘J’. The kidney is placed behind the peritoneum. Arteries, veins and urinary tract connections are then established.

A tube called a drain is usually inserted 3-4 days after the operation. Once the urinary tract connection is made, a stent is inserted to keep the urinary tract open. This stent is usually removed by the urology team 3-4 weeks later under light anesthesia. The operation site is closed with stitches or wires. These stitches or wires are removed in an outpatient clinic approximately 3 weeks after the operation.

Removing Sick Kidneys

Sick kidneys can be removed before or during transplantation if there is a risk of infection or cancer, or in cases of polycystic kidneys. However, removal of the patient’s own kidneys is generally not necessary except in these cases.

What is Nephrectomy?

The process of removing the kidney is called nephrectomy. Nephrectomy is performed in two basic ways: open and closed.

NOTES: Kidney Donation with Natural Aperture Surgery

Kidney Donation with Natural Opening Surgery (NOTES) is the removal of a kidney through an existing natural opening, i.e. through the vagina. This is a surgical procedure and can be performed in a less invasive way.



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