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Mouth Cancer

Mouth Cancer: Causes and Treatment

Oral cancers include types of cancer that usually occur in the lower lip, inside of the mouth, larynx, tonsils or behind the salivary glands. These cancers are most common in areas such as the floor of the mouth and tongue. Almost all oral cancers originate in the mucosa lining the mouth, tongue and lips, which is mostly made up of multilayered squamous epithelium (squamous) cells.

Oral cancers are the specialty of Ear-Nose-Throat and Head and Neck surgeons. They tend to occur twice as often in men as in women. Regular doctor and dentist checks are very important for early diagnosis.

Prevention methods for oral cancer can be as follows:

Avoid carcinogenic substances such as smoking and alcohol,
Regular doctor and dentist check-ups
To have dental problems that may cause sores in the mouth treated.

Oral cancer risk factors:

– Tobacco use, especially long-term and heavy use,
– Alcohol consumption,
– Exposure to sunlight,
– Family history of cancer,
– Bad eating habits,
– Poor living conditions and health problems.

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Symptoms of oral cancer include:

Sores or swelling in the mouth or on the lips that do not go away,
Thinning, abrasion or sore gums,
Wounds that recur and bleed,
Color changes or patchy images,
Numbness or numbness,
Tenderness or pain,
Hoarseness or change in voice,
Bad breath
Difficulty chewing or swallowing,
Tooth loss or changes in tooth form,
Swelling or lump in the neck or throat area,
Weight loss.

Regular medical and dental examinations are very important for the diagnosis of oral cancer. If suspicious sores or swellings are detected during the examination, a biopsy is performed and examined for the presence of cancer cells. Once cancer is diagnosed, the spread and stage of the tumor are determined.

Oral cancer treatment methods :

Chemotherapy: Medicines are used to stop cancer cells from multiplying. Chemotherapy can be combined with surgery and radiotherapy. It has side effects.
Surgery: Operations to remove the tumor. Pain treatment may be needed during the recovery process.
Radiotherapy: Cancer cells are targeted using high-energy beams. Side effects include dry mouth, tooth loss and skin burns.

When oral cancer is detected early, the chances of cure are high. Healthy lifestyle choices, regular check-ups and specialist doctor recommendations play an important role in preventing this disease.



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