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What is Infantile Pyloric Stenosis?

Infantile Pyloric Stenosis in Infants: Diagnosis, Treatment and Symptoms

Infantile Pyloric Stenosis in Infants is a medical condition that usually occurs in babies between two weeks and two months of age and is characterized by vomiting. The exact cause of this condition is unknown, but it is characterized by certain symptoms. Infantile Pyloric Stenosis begins with vomiting that is white without bile and looks like curdled milk. At first, babies suck or feed normally, but after a while, severe vomiting occurs.

Mothers say they can recognize a vomiting episode by the movement of the abdomen. Babies continue to have an appetite and feel hungry. However, these babies have difficulty gaining weight and eventually return to their birth weight.

This condition may persist until diagnosed by an appropriate specialist. The main cause of Infantile Pyloric Stenosis is excessive thickening of the muscle layer surrounding the gastric outlet canal. This thickening causes the duct to become progressively thinner and prevents food from passing from the stomach to the duodenum.

Diagnostic Methods:

Infantile Pyloric Stenosis is diagnosed by physical examination. During the examination, the thickened muscle layer in the upper abdomen is felt like an olive grain. Another method frequently used in diagnosis today is the measurement of muscle thickness by ultrasonography. In doubtful cases, another method that is rarely used is a medicated gastric X-ray.

Treatment Methods:

The effective treatment of Infantile Pyloric Stenosis is surgery. During surgical intervention, the thickened muscle layer is cut and opened up to the inner mucosa layer. This restores the passage of nutrients into the duodenum. After treatment, babies gain weight rapidly and catch up with their peers.

Infantile Pyloric Stenosis is a medical condition that occurs in infants and is characterized by vomiting. It is diagnosed by examination and imaging methods and its treatment requires surgical intervention. When diagnosed and treated early by a specialist doctor, babies can continue their normal healthy growth and development.


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