How Telehealth Simplifies Access to Healthcare

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With the advancement of technology, it has become clear that many aspects of our lives can be made easier and more convenient. Healthcare is no exception. Online healthcare or telehealth offers many advantages that traditional healthcare cannot provide. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the key advantages of online healthcare and […]

How DoktorNow’s Digital Health Assistant Makes Accessing Care Easier

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Today, with the development of technology, healthcare services have also started to digitalize. This digitalization is an important step to facilitate access to healthcare services, to have a faster and more effective healthcare experience and to reduce healthcare expenditures. At this point, the benefits of personalized care are indisputable.   Since each patient has unique […]

The Power of Now in Telehealth: Technology’s Contribution to Healthcare

Telesağlık Hizmeti

In the healthcare sector, the contribution of technology to healthcare has increased dramatically in recent years. Telehealth services are one of the most important benefits of technology in the healthcare sector.   Remote Diagnosis and Counseling: Telehealth services allow patients to receive remote diagnosis and counseling services. Patients can meet with their doctors online from […]

Swine Flu H1N1: What is it, Symptoms and Treatment

H1N1 Domuz Gribi

Swine flu H1N1 is a type of influenza that spread as an epidemic around the world in 2009, affecting mainly young people. This flu strain is caused by the H1N1 influenza A virus, a virus that is common among pigs and can be transmitted to humans. At the time, the disease killed more than 200,000 […]

Spring Allergies: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Bahar Alerjileri_ Belirtileri, Nedenleri ve Korunma Yolları

Spring is a pleasant season for many people, with nature reviving and flourishing. However, spring is also a challenging time for people with allergies. In spring, pollen, dust and other allergens are more present in the air, which can cause allergic reactions. Belirtileri In spring, people with allergies often experience the following symptoms Runny nose […]

Doctornow for Corporates: The importance of Investing in Employee Health

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The Doktornow telehealth platform enables individuals to access healthcare services whenever and wherever they want. In this way, they can have more information about their health and protect their health better. This both increases the work performance of employees and reduces job losses. Companies have a more efficient working environment. The Doktornow platform brings many […]

Can Daily Multivitamins Protect Our Brains? According to New Research, Yes!

Günlük Multivitaminler Beynimizi Koruyabilir mi_ Yeni Araştırmalara Göre Evet!

Today, many people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle add multivitamins to their diet. However, the impact of these multivitamins on overall health is still not fully proven. However, fresh research in 2023 reveals the potential positive effects of these vitamins on cognitive function.   Let’s Dive into the Details: What Have We Learned? […]

Early Stage Breast Cancer: Survival Rates Increasing

Erken Evre Meme Kanseri

Breast cancer is a common and serious health problem affecting millions of women worldwide. However, recent research shows once again how critical early detection and treatment are in the fight against breast cancer. Worldwide, there has been a remarkable increase in the survival rate of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. But what factors are […]

Red Meat Consumption: Can It Be Risky for Both Women and Men?

Kırmızı Et Tüketimi_ Hem Kadınlar Hem de Erkekler İçin Riskli Olabilir Mi

While the taste of red meat is indispensable for many people, the health effects of this delicacy are often debated. The many studies on the association of red meat consumption with health risks may justify these concerns. But do these concerns only apply to men? Or do women face the same risks? Research Details: Red […]

COVID-19 and Loss of Smell: How Can You Recover?

COVID-19 ve Koku Kaybı_ Nasıl Geri Kazanabilirsiniz

Loss of smell (anosmia), one of the most common side effects of COVID-19, affects millions of people. Smell gives us the ability to sense danger, store or trigger memories, distinguish flavors, or receive a wave of feel-good chemicals at a meal. In this article, we will discuss the causes and consequences of smell loss and […]