COVID-19 and Loss of Smell: How Can You Recover?

COVID-19 ve Koku Kaybı_ Nasıl Geri Kazanabilirsiniz

Loss of smell (anosmia), one of the most common side effects of COVID-19, affects millions of people. Smell gives us the ability to sense danger, store or trigger memories, distinguish flavors, or receive a wave of feel-good chemicals at a meal. In this article, we will discuss the causes and consequences of smell loss and ways to restore it, based on data from the Harvard Health Letter.

Why Loss of Odor?

The sense of smell is possible thanks to thousands of sensory cells in the nasal cavity. These cells detect odors and send the information to the brain via olfactory nerves. When these nerves become inflamed or damaged, you can lose your sense of smell. Causes of anosmia include nasal polyps, sinus problems, head trauma, chemotherapy side effects, brain tumors, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s or viral infections like COVID-19.

Consequences of Odor Loss

Loss of smell has serious consequences. It shuts down your ability to detect dangerous odors and also steals a large part of your ability to taste and appreciate food. If all food tastes like cardboard, you lose the pleasure of eating. “It affects quality of life,” says Dr. Bhattacharyya.


COVID-19 ve Koku Kaybı


Is There Any Chance of Getting Your Scent Back?

If your anosmia is caused by a chronic neurological problem, such as Parkinson’s disease, your chances of regaining your sense of smell are not very good. But if your anosmia is caused by a temporary condition like COVID-19, there is a better chance that your sense of smell will return within a few months.

Odor Education

If you have lost your sense of smell, don’t wait for it to come back. Dr. Bhattacharyya said, “Previously, we used to say that you should wait six months to get your smell back, but now we want you to start scent training therapy as soon as possible to activate the body’s healing process.”

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Note: This article is based on information from the Harvard Health Letter and is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered medical advice or diagnosis. Individuals experiencing smell loss are advised to consult their doctor.